Where can I moor my boat?


The Montague Harbour Marina phone number is 250-539-5733.  You can also call them on VHF 66A to see if they have space available.  Your best bet, though, is to anchor out and dinghy if possible.


Where can I park my car?


There is a small parking lot for the marina, but parking is limited.  Please prepare to park on the road and walk down.


Is there public transportation on the island?


Galiano Island does have a community bus that runs on a limited schedule.  Check their facebook page for current schedules. The Hummingbird Pub has a bus that shuttles back and forth from the marina to the pub every hour on the hour in the high season. Riding the bus is a experience in itself and we recommend that you check it out!     


Do you have gluten free options?


All of our tacos are served on corn tortillas and we use channa flour in our cauliflower cakes.  In fact, our sandwiches, meat and chocolate cake are the only menu items that contain gluten.


Do you have vegan options?


All of our sauces and aiolis are totally vegan.  Douglas’ famous chowders are coconut milk based. We even offer a vegan chocolate cake!


Do you take reservations?


We don’t take reservations, but operate on a first come first serve basis. There’s very occasionally a bit of a wait at peak dining times in the high season, but it’s very seldom longer than 10-15 minutes.   If you’re coming with a large party, give us a call a bit in advance and we’ll do our best to accomodate you.


Do you have a kids menu?


We offer cheesy toast for choosy kid eaters but find that most children are very happy with a simple taco or sandwich.  The chowder is also a hit with the kids.


Can I bring my dog?


Due to health regulations, we can’t allow dogs actually in the restaurant.  There’s a nice spot near the entrance for them to hang out, though, and we’ll make sure there’s lots of fresh water for them. Ask us about our amazing baked salmon skin dog treats!


Are you wheelchair accessible?


There are five steps at the bottom of the ramp from the marina parking lot.


Why do you charge for drinking water?


Because the marina building is built right over the ocean, our tap water is salty.  We have to buy and bring in all of our drinking water. We did consider working it into our menu prices, but find that there’s considerably more water waste if people think of the water as cost free.


Where does your fish come from?


Our fish is supplied by Schnare, Hynick, Crouse & Sons on Galiano Island.

It is all sustainably fished in British Columbia.


Where does your meat come from?


Our beef and pork are supplied by Berryman Farms, a family run farm on the Saanich Peninsula.  All meat is ethically raised and antibiotic, GMO and growth hormone free.


Where do your veggies come from?


We source as much of our produce from the many farms on Galiano.  Our suppliers include Cable Bay Farm, Sunshine Farm, Sutil Farm and The Galiano Conservancy Food Forest.  It’s not unusual for the greens on your plate to have been harvested that very morning.